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Jazz Dancing Lessons at Radiance Dance Studio

Jazz Dance Classes

When you come to our jazz dance classes, be ready to really move. At Radiance Dance Studio, our jazz classes explode with energy. We use a variety of music styles in our jazz dance classes, everything from hip-hop to Broadway tunes. In these dance classes, all our music choices have a strong beat. Our experienced jazz dance instructors help dance students work on isolation movements, contraction, and advanced suspension techniques.

If you want to find jazz dance lessons in New Castle County or Northern Delaware, Radiance Dance Studio offers a variety of jazz dancing classes as well as jazz dance instruction for beginning and advanced students.

Our jazz dancing classes are open to dance students of any age, 4 and up.

If you’re looking for jazz dance classes in New Castle County, we’d love to be your studio. Call us at 302-239-5060 or register online to begin dancing radiantly!


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What, Exactly, is Jazz Dance?

Jazz dance is one of the most popular styles of dance around. Even in New Castle County and Northern Delaware, jazz dance is all around us. The core elements of jazz dance is so pervasive that it influences other types of dance, especially in popular music. Top pop music artists like Lady Gaga and Beyonce fuse jazz and hip-hop dance styles together in ways that produce the complex and precise dance routines that they use in their concerts and videos.

In jazz dance students combine dancing skills with layers of additional discipline, technique, confidence and style. At Radiance Dance Studio, jazz dance classes are tailored to beginner, intermediate, and advanced dance students. Instruction in ballet, tap, and hip-hop are also helpful

Students will learn about isolation, or ways to isolate a specific part of the body such as the shoulders, ribs, or wrists. Jazz dance students will also learn about creative use of syncopation and grounded body movements. Jazz dance classes also teach students advanced body contraction and suspension techniques while introducing a sensuality that is not included in many traditional dance disciplines.

The History of Jazz Dance

Jazz dance is a term that covers the many styles of dance that developed in the United States in the first part of 20th century. Like many types of uniquely American art, jazz dance evolved out of combinations of African and European traditions. Jazz dance is named for its early connection to jazz music in New Orleans.

In the 1930 through the 1960s jazz dance developed into as distinct and separate dance form as leading choreographers including George Balanchine, Jerome Robbins and Bob Fosse experimented with jazz dance as part of ballet, theatre, and movies.

Today, jazz dance is recognized as a dance that develops in parallel to popular music and is no longer strongly connected to or limited by jazz music. Because of its close connection to popular music and culture, jazz dance continues to remain popular across age groups.