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Lyrical Dance Lessons at Radiance Dance Studio

What is Lyrical Dance?

While lyrical dancing does not have to be performed to music, most lyrical dancers and lyrical dance classes choose to use music and lyrics in music to inspire movements and expressions. Radiance Dance Studio uses music as a major part of our lyric dance instruction to the dancers of Northern Delaware.
For some, the word “lyrical” conjures and image of slow or fluid dance style. But in fact, lyrical dance often uses emotionally-charged music selections from pop, rock, blues, hip-hop, ethnic, world music, and contemporary or dissonant music, such as the work of Philip Glass.

Lyrical Dance Lessons

When dance students in New Castle County take lyrical dance lessons, they are often surprised to find that the movements in lyrical dance are extremely graceful and continuous. This form of dance requires real strength and experience. Dancers must move from one dramatic position to another, holding finishing steps for long periods of time. Lyrical dancing often features high, dramatic leaps.

Our lyrical dance classes are open to students of any age, 4 and up.

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Lyrical Dance: A 20th Century Addition to the Dance World

As its name implies, lyrical dancing can be one of the most fluid, graceful, and lovely dance forms. At Radiance Dance Studio in New Castle County, part of Northern Delaware, it’s one of our most popular advanced dance classes. That’s because lyrical dance uses a range of movements primarily as forms of expressions, with the intent to clearly convey strong emotions including love, yearning, or anger. For this reason, lyrical dancing is sometimes a dancer’s most emotionally satisfying dance form.

The History of Lyrical Dance

Lyrical dance is a relatively recent addition to the dance world. While other forms of dance go back hundreds of years, lyrical dance sprung out of the modernist movement that was in full swing in the early part of the 20th century. Lyrical dancing was made popular by a famous 20th century choreographer named George Balanchine.

Balanchine was a true modernist. Just as Picasso had reinvented painting, and Hemingway had revolutionized the novel, Balanchine was intent on reinventing dance in America. He had a reputation for being more interested in the movement of dance, than as dance as a way to interpret music. He stripped away many of dance’s old conventions to come up with a dance discipline that was new and totally unique. It was different that it wasn’t named right away. For many years, it was just called modern ballet. Balanchine combined ballet with modern dance and jazz to develop dance performances that were radical for their time.

Modern Lyrical Dance

Today’s lyrical dance student must prepare by completing dance lessons in ballet and jazz. Lyrical ballet will require the dance student to understand ballet and jazz movements and steps. Lyrical dance classes will fuse elements from each dance discipline into the lyrical dance performance. As any advanced dance student can tell you, lyrical dance classes require movements that are smoother and faster than ballet, but not as kinetic as jazz dance.

If want to find lyrical dance classes in New Castle County or Northern Delaware, Radiance Dance Studio offers one of the strongest programs in the area, and offers intro level lyrical dance classes as well as lyrical dance instruction for advanced students. Ballet and jazz dance instruction are required prerequisites. Call us today to learn more.