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Tap Dancing Lessons at Radiance Dance Studio

Learn to Tap Dance

For serious dance students, tap dance is considered a basic dance skill and an important part of a dancer’s skill set. For more casual students, tap dancing classes are a fun way to learn rhythm and precision. Because basic steps are simple and fun, tap dancing is a great introduction to the world of dance, and Radiance Dance Studio in New Castle County offers tap classes for young beginners all the way through to advanced tap instruction.

If want to find tap dance classes or lessons in New Castle County or Northern Delaware, Radiance Dance Studio offers a wide variety of tap dance classes as well as tap instruction for advanced students.

Our tap classes are open to dance students of any age, 4 and up.

If you’re looking for tap dancing classes in New Castle County, we’d love to be your studio. Call us at 302-239-5060 or register online to begin dancing radiantly!


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Tap Dancing: Exciting and Theatrical

Tap dancing is everywhere, including in New Castle County and Northern Delaware! It’s a part of our history and our modern dance culture. And it’s a uniquely American form of dance, developed from 150 years of African, Irish, and British dance traditions.

But when students start tap lessons or tap dance classes, they rarely consider the rich history of tap. Instead they’re usually thinking of the highly polished tap virtuosity they’ve seen in the movies. Many students in tap dance instruction were first inspired by the tap dancing of Shirley Temple or Fred Astaire. Others were wowed by the hip, hybridized tap routines of Tatum Channing. Tap dance classes are also popular because tap dance continues to be an essential skill for dancers who aspire to work in theatre or on Broadway.

Many dance students love tap because the rhythm of tapping becomes part of the performance. Tap dancers make their own music. Even if dance classes or tap performances include live or recorded music, the noise tap dance students make is a key part of the performance.

Tap also allows dance students a chance for greater personal expression. As the tap dancer moves past beginner-level tap dance classes, they will be expected to bring their own charisma and charm to tap dance performances.

The History of Tap Dancing

Tap dancing is an all-American dance form. In the 19th century, African Americans combined their footwork with the clogging practiced by Irish and British immigrants. This early tap dancing was called “Buck and Wing” and was not yet a recognized performance art.

It wasn’t until 1902 that the word “tap” was used to describe this type of dancing. A show called Minstrel Misses promoted the term “tap and step dance.” At this time, tap dancing was also a popular dance for street performers. In the first part of the 20th century, tap dancers were common on street corners in larger cities, with a cup set out for tips.

Hollywood also loves tap dance, and made it wildly popular early in films such as The Little Colonel with Shirley Temple and Singing in the Rain with Gene Kelly. Tap dance continues to be popular in modern movies as diverse as Happy Feet and Hail Caesar!