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Cutting-Edge Dance Instruction Center in New Castle County

Radiance Dance Studio is committed to providing the highest quality dance instruction in a safe, positive, and inspiring environment. The art of dance offers so many opportunities to promote individuality while creating a sense of community and achievement. Our dance studio’s focus is on building confidence and self-esteem through accomplishments while heightening the appreciation of others through compassion and social awareness – all while making friends and having fun.


Developing a Lifelong Love for Dance and the Arts

Dance training is a way to nurture a love of culture and the arts. Children and young people who are learning to dance also discover a positive way to express emotions while building physical fitness and confidence. That’s why Radiance Dance Studio in offers so many different types of dance instruction. If you’re looking for dance lessons in Northern Delaware, consider enrolling in one of our Radiance Dance Studio’s many dance camps, dance clinics, and dance seminars. Or you may choose to enroll in traditional dance instruction we offer for all dance genres as well as pom, cheer, tap, hip-hop, jazz, tumbling, and yoga for everyone ages four and up.

"The staff is terrific and the facility is absolutely gorgeous. I have both my children in classes and we're looking forward to years of fun and top-notch teaching. I highly recommend! "

- BS

- RC

"Miss Emily is passionate about her work and wants all her students to succeed. She has helped me grow not only as a dancer but as an individual.".

Some of our happy dancers



Our sophisticated dance studio offers so many benefits for young men and women in New Castle County. Radiance Dance Studio is committed to providing the kind of dance instruction that not only builds a deep appreciation of music and rhythm, but also encourages patience and develops discipline.

The space you need to perfect your art. 

The Radiance Dance Studio facility is new and absolutely second to none. We offer one of the biggest dance studios in the area. That’s why Radiance Dance Studio is able to develop detailed and energetic choreography for our dance students in New Castle County. We have plenty of room to be creative, and our students can have the space they need to perfect their art.

For younger dance and movement students, we offer a small and intimate dance studio designed to help them feel welcomed and inspired. Throughout Radiance Dance Studio, you’ll find spaces for stretching and warm ups, cubbies to stash personal things, a refreshment lounge, a homework and study area, and even an accessories boutique right on the premise.

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