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  • Do you have classes all year long?
    Yes! We have our regular scheduled class session September through May and then over the summer we have a special camp schedule.
  • If I register for classes, do I have to pay for the entire season even if I stop taking classes?
    No! Since our tuition is due on a monthly basis, if you choose to stop taking classes, your account will be frozen and no more payments will be due.
  • Do you have a recital? Is it mandatory?
    We have a spring recital every year! It is not mandatory, but we would love all dancers to participate in our shows!
  • Can my child try class before we sign up?
    Absolutely! We offer free trials to anyone who is interested in taking dance classes.
  • Can I observe my child while they are in class?
    We have TV screens in our waiting room that show each classroom and are on during every class.
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